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What is Youtube SEO?

It is the process of improving the organic views for Youtube videos. It is advanced on-page Search Engine Optimization for a Youtube channel. Enriching the title, description, tags and other key factors to increase the organic & recommended views is the goal. Youtube & Google don’t only look at target keywords in your video description. They are looking for 15 factors on the page for each video. Youtube & Google want to completely satisfy the user’s search intent. This makes optimization very important. Idea Labz uses artificial intelligence to optimize your Youtube channel and videos the right way to suit it more to a particular search query and provide the best results. Youtube SEO is crucial for your Youtube channel to make it grow views.

What is the importance of Youtube SEO?

It is vital to improving your ranking on search result pages like google. Optimization can give you that competitive advantage that you are seeking and should be a key part of your video marketing strategy or your digital marketing strategy. 95% of pages viewed after a google search are on the first page of google contain Youtube videos. Your organic search ranking is vital to your videos being viewed by the audience you want to reach. To ensure a solid online presence, Youtube SEO should be a big priority for any video marketer. Auditing and judging the results of your Youtube SEO is very important. You can try our free Youtube channel audit to know its performance.

How can Idea Labz help me increase video views?

On a periodic basis, (a) we analyze the videos relative to that of your competitors from search engine data (b) competitor analysis: research and identify different factors which are delivering traffic to other videos (c) we recommend new video ideas based on users search and what’s trending (d) and then create detailed actionable recommendations based on currently available data to optimize.

Does Idea Labz create videos for me?

We typically provide your team with the insights they need. We also do offer video creation as a service where we can create videos from existing blogs. You can see some of the videos here.