Stop losing traffic

We turn each of your blog posts into a social campaign, which is then dripped out to your social channels based on a schedule. Each campaign is designed to engage with your audience and drive traffic back to your site.

We create the content so you don’t have to

We create a whole sequence of social content and branded imagery (fully cropped and optimised for each of your social accounts). Simply review and edit if needed.

Blogs drip campaigns

Publish evergreen blog posts but don’t create drip campaigns for each of them? Then your posts are only getting a fraction of the attention they deserve. We creates a years worth of social content and drips them out gradually over the year, so you don’t have to!

Make your content work

How It Works

Generating traffic for your website used to be a painful and time consuming task. With Idea Labz, that’s all put on autopilot! Keep on reading to find out how Idea Labz works its magic.

It all starts with one of your

amazing blog posts

Let’s be honest, blogging has become an essential part of almost every business’s marketing strategy.

And any great strategy starts with well researched and targeted content designed to appeal to your audience. If you’re already doing this, you’re off to a great start!

But once the content has been published, what are you doing to promote and maximise the traffic potential for it?

Enter Idea Labz…

New blog posts are

detected automatically

Our tools diligently sit in the background, waiting for you to publish your next blog post.

We’re able to detect new posts irrespective of its length or the platform it’s hosted on. Which means we work with the following platforms and more!

Say hello to a years worth of

social optimised content

Using clever things like AI and Machine Learning, We scan your blog post, looking for quotes, content and imagery that it thinks will work well on your social platforms.

We even know how to find hashtags that will help your content really stand out.

Most importantly though, each piece of social media content we generate includes a link back to your blog post to drive traffic back to your site.

By default, we combine this social content into a campaign designed to last a full 12 months. All you need to do is review and make edits if needed.

Campaigns are dripped
out to your social accounts

Once you approve a campaign you can sit back and relax. We’ll gradually drip the content out over the year to your social accounts to maximise its impact.

We currently support the following social networks.

Each campaign drives

traffic back to your site

With your Blog campaigns on autopilot, you’ll soon start to see increased engagement across your social channels and that all important traffic to your site.

Put your blog posts to work by signing up for a free trial.

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