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Do you create a Complete SEO Friendly responsive website?
Yes, We give you a complete SEO friendly responsive website, Including web design and content for your website and creating images and videos. We will create required business Email IDs also.

What kind of content do I get?
Based on a brief exchange, we write content for your website pages and blog posts as required.

What is CMS?
CMS stands for Content Management System. Having your website on a CMS platform helps you to make changes and updates on your website’s content, images, forms etc. You can make changes 24/7 without any technical know how or assistance.

What if i need additional features?
Idea labz gives you an option to purchase additional extras in the form of “Add Ons”.

What are blog to videos?
Think of a video made from a summary of a blog, just that the related images and motion clips in the videos are super awesome.

How can you help with video marketing?
There are a few ways videos can be included into your marketing strategy. eg: A personalized video to nurture a lead sent to them on Whatsapp.

How can you help with social media content?
We create great graphic content that is bound to create engagement on with your audience.

What is AI content optimization?
Our AI tool reads through the content on your website / blogs and shares suggestions to improve your ranking potential.

I already have / use a few of the services, can i customize my package?
Yes, you can always pick the services you need. Just let us know.