The costs of building a new website will be explained in this article, as well as providing insights to the most frequently asked question we are asked.

How much does it cost to build a new website in Dubai or the UAE?

If your business has an online presence and you want it to be successful then there’s one thing you need to do: get yourself some good web design! This will help make sure that people find out about what you have to offer them when they search on Google or other popular websites like Yahoo!.

We have been working with clients from all over the world since 2009 Website Design Cost: The detail and have helped them create websites that meet their needs and exceed expectations. Our goal is simple – to make sure every client gets exactly what they want at a price point that works within their budget.

The first thing that needs to be considered when budgeting out your website design project is the type of site you’re designing. There are two main types of websites; eCommerce sites/dynamic sites and informational/static sites. Both have their own set of requirements for web development companies like us to consider before starting work.

Let’s take an example of a basic informational website which has only static pages with minimal functionality such as contact forms etc. This means there’s no shopping cart, payment gateway integration, content management system plugins and other dynamic website features. You can always add any of the features to the website at a later stage.

How many pages do you need on your website?

The number of pages depends on how long you want your site to last. If you plan to update your content regularly, then having fewer pages may save you money because less work means lower maintenance costs. However, if you don’t intend to change anything about your website, then having more pages could help increase traffic and sales. The most common page count range is between 5 – 10 pages. We recommend starting off with 5 pages as a minimum.

 What features you need on your website?

You should know about the basic functions of a website such as navigation menu, contact form, search engine optimization etc., so that you don’t waste time when designing your own site. These things take time to build, but they won’t affect your business if done correctly.

Payment gateway, wishlist, registration, products comparison, Shopping basket, support and so on are some of the things you’ll need if you want an eCommerce web design.

Do you like to have a New Website From Scratch Or You Want To Use Template/theme?

This is one of the most important questions when choosing a website developer. Let us explain it in detail:

If you prefer to start from scratch, then you will be responsible for all aspects of the website including its layout, color scheme, fonts, images, logo, text, graphics, animations, videos, music, programming code, SEO and much more. It takes a lot of effort and knowledge to develop a professional-looking website. But if you are save on the development costs, then you can get a template which contains everything you need except the coding part. In case you decide to use a template, then you only need to provide us with some information regarding your requirements and we’ll handle rest of them. So basically, you’re paying just for our services.

If you already have a working website, then you can simply upgrade it using templates. For instance, if you’ve got a WordPress blog, then you can buy premium themes at reasonable prices. There’s no limit to what you can achieve with these types of websites. They come with pre-designed layouts, readymade content, easy installation process and lots of other useful tools. All you need to do is add your company details and upload pictures.

Finally, the prices!

The cost ultimately depends on how much time we spend developing the project. A basic website might take around 3 days while a complex e-commerce website could easily take 8+ days. Also, keep in mind that the price varies depending on the complexity of the design and features.

We offer affordable pricing plans for all types of businesses. Our packages start from 1000 AED. If you want to know how much your website development would cost, please fill the below form and we will get in touch with you for a free consult.

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