So far, you’ve probably heard about the fantastic benefits video content can offer your business. Work on a consistent video distribution strategy that puts your videos in the eyes of the right people. In this article, I will share 7 effective channels you can use to promote yourself while getting some tips and tricks on how to optimize your video marketing campaigns.

This way you can boost and click your email open rates – by the rates, not to mention the traffic your videos get from your loyal customer base. The fact is that video marketing will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019.

You have uploaded thousands of videos and are faced with the challenge of maintaining reasonable organic traffic and making your video content visible to your target audience. These four include other ways you want to spread your videos, such as social media, email, social networks, blogs, and even your website.

Why do you need an effective marketing strategy?

You need to invest in an effective marketing strategy that can include budgeting paid promotions, advertising campaigns, social media campaigns, and other marketing strategies.

When it comes to video distribution, you need to make sure you rank the news and content right and beautifully synergy your video marketing strategy. Creating a sequencing plan is a great way to slowly introduce your customers to your brand through video content. You can’t afford to create videos that seem to be everywhere, and the best way for you to ensure positive video distributions is to organize video releases that consistently align with the brand’s voice and align them with people who work linearly through the sales funnel.

There are a number of different content that guides customers through the sales funnel, such as news reports, videos, podcasts, social media posts, and more.

But with the right knowledge and strategy, you can start to spread great content to expand its reach and influence. This is essential to connect with more of your target audience while building authority for your new leads and brands. Without them, new lead clients, money, and your brand will likely be on the table that can be seized by competitors.

This may include, for example, re-publishing content on social media, distributing a blog post you first posted on your company site, or distributing it via a paid channel, such as an email explosion. Make sure that your content is distributed in a variety of ways, not just through your own website or email address.

How to promote your content?

You can promote your content on social media either organically or through paid advertising, but you choose both. You can also share it on your own blog, your company’s website, or your following community circle. People in your community who like the content can share it with their own communities, creating a domino effect that can lead to a lot of traffic, leads, and sales.

This can be a great way to add valuable content to your website to build a community of thought leaders, influencers, and business owners as well as potential customers.

When it comes to distributing and syndicating content, the bottom line is that both elements are essential to making your content more relevant to your audience than what you rely on when publishing. Your brand is able to locate its content where its target groups are and where they like to spend their time online. By asking them to search and find content, you can ensure that they see it and deal with it. You will get a better understanding of your audience and what they are looking for, as well as more valuable content.

Go one step further by asking your target audience to actually create content for you, i.e. to rely on user-generated content.

How to engage your audience on social platforms?

A good way to do this is through competitions and challenges where your audience has to develop a piece of content (for example a video) and then have the means to share it by participating. With user-generated content, you don’t have to forget to help them distribute content or syndicate, because now they have an incentive to put their content out there and see others engage with it.

Strategically paying for more distribution or syndication can be a great way to make your content accessible to a wider audience, not just your core audience. The advertising industry is full of tips on how to distribute content marketing to increase the reach of your potential audience, but the best you can do is do some research and target niche communities where content is most likely to thrive.

When choosing an advertising platform, you should consider the consumption of content from a variety of platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Instead of distributing your content on individual platforms, choose the few you know from your own observations and experiences.