How To Create Quality Online Educational Content

If you have just created a series of educational videos, work with your website developer or administrator to see if your course can be shown on the home page to promote the views. Once you have learned these tips, you can rest assured that you have taken steps to ensure that your videos appeal to your target audience.

Research before you Start
The key to creating effective educational videos is to start with a clear intention to guide and stick to the research principles-based design principles. A deeper look at video design and production involves making sure your video helps your students. A storyboard begins by mapping the outlines of the text and visuals, planning what you are going to say, outlining the visual elements, describing how the design principle is applied, and determining the order of the material. The video becomes a “flipping” or “blending” course, not only an instructional video but also a visual representation of your course.

Once you have written a full script, you will also have a transcript to help students with video format accessibility problems.

Increasing templates include instructions that make it easy to create an effective online course in no time, with easy-to-use templates and easy access to a wide range of content. If you have been teaching for a while, you will probably have a lot of content on hand and will not be able to quickly create educational content. Using pre-made content saves you time and effort to become an expert in e-learning design. You can focus on what you do best: writing great educational content for your students.

Quality Content
Recognize that quality educational content is key to creating amazing eLearning courses that are the foundation of successful learning projects. By focusing your content, using compelling stories to engage your students, and relying on templates and pre-made lessons to streamline your course creation, you can create helpful, engaging, and relevant educational content. The need to work quickly does not mean that you have to cut corners to create high-quality teaching for your student.

So consider which of the following approaches to creating your own videos for the course you are developing is most practical, and which might be the project you are working on for your next version of your course. Some websites will inspire you to create your courses and materials that you can download to make your work even easier. Web, you will find useful link files and eLearning templates that you can download, personalize and customize to your exact purpose.

If you plan to give lectures or have a conversation as part of a synchronous class conversation, recording your content with the built-in recording capabilities of the Zoom tool is a great way to help your students and your course move forward. If you’re at Vanderbilt and use Zoom, you can follow the instructions to record your class sessions. Once Zoom sends you a link to the video or online transcript, place the link in your Brightspace course so students can review it.

Crash Course has a worldwide audience, and while the show is a hugely helpful tool for students and teachers, it also has the potential to be sought out independently of casual learners for online educational content. Change attitudes to education by creating content for learners who want more than just helping them pass a test.

Crash Course believes that high-quality educational videos should be available for everyone free of charge. Access to content is a great first step, but access alone does not make up for the quality of the learning experience.

We are concerned that teachers who have a negative perception of online education are being associated with the problem of emergency distance training. There is already much debate about how “online education” and “distance learning” are not synonymous. While online and distance learning is not synonymous, today’s new distance teachers can benefit from the lessons of experienced online teachers, who provide their students with high quality and engaging learning experiences.

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