The difference between keywords and topics

difference between keywords and topics
Keywords Are used in SEO and Internet Advertising to signify specific Phrases which rank within search engines. A keyword Is a query typed by a User into an internet search engine. It is typically considered as a precise match, although phrase match and broad match are also utilized.
That term is used to find a specific page. However, Google moved from keywords in 2013 using their Hummingbird Upgrade. This algorithm alter positioned “larger emphasis on language queries, contemplating context and significance over keywords.”
So pages will need to coincide with the significance of the search terms.
This is where topics come in.
Topics are the primary focus in a concept. They’re elements that explain a concept. A subject is the topic — the focus part — of a paragraph. It’s the primary idea. Regarding how subjects are utilized in articles writing, They’re the details and research that underlie an idea.
Topics are usually portrayed in a hierarchical manner, for example, subject trees, taxonomies or ontologies.
High-quality content can be Utilized to denote technical aspects, for example, page Loading speed, user exp, design and other variables which impact the consumer’s
dwell time on the page.