What is Content Curation?

Content Curation

Content Curation is the process of collecting discovering, and introducing content material that encircles subject matter. Though many in the content world still regard it as a buzzword. Content curation is turning into a marketing staple for businesses with a prosperous presence.

Unlike articles marketing, articles curation includes collecting content from a range of sources and delivering it.

For instance, an content curator is not always accountable for generating new content, but for finding pertinent content related to a specific category and channelling this information to readers at a mash-up fashion or as summaries of articles.

Who Are Content Curators?

Content curation is all around us. It might take any kind of an RSS feed, links posted on blogs, networking feeds, or an online news mashup.
There are no limits with regards into the types of content either. Pictures, videos, articles, or any bit of content could be curated. Without knowing it, A lot people have been participating in articles curation for years.

These include popular online destinations like bookmarking websites that allows users to share articles and vote on if it is interesting or not, a website which gathers headlines of the latest stories in the best websites and blogs by subject, or the local news website, which most of the time, pulls stories from other sources and shows them in a Top News fashion.

What’re the Secrets of Successful Content Curation?

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of info on the web. Consequently, to achieve success with content curation in a business setting, it’s significant to display only the best, most pertinent content possible. The process of content curation is comparable to create a mixed tape for the highschool sweetheart, where you would like to choose only the best songs to share.

Not all content is created equally. Most readers are turning to articles curation to help them through the info overload, and are only looking for the top pieces of articles surrounding a certain subject, and will sidestep additional, erroneous info if it does not stack up.

For most companies, articles curation is being used to drive Search Engine Optimization. To have links to multiple pieces of articles about a certain topic increases its exposure when that subject is searched.

There’s also a danger at relying only on articles curation instead of mixing this promotional tool with creating new content.