7 Strategies for Using Images in SEO

Images in SEO

We’re likely to discuss strategies for using images to increase your website’s SEO. Images and graphics are important and often an overlooked step in search engine optimization. As content writers, we are always read about how key phrases influence on our SEO.

Answering the query is overriding. But images and their influence on the searcher’s experience on your site is often forgotten. Let’s discuss what image SEO is. It’s the optimization of images, videos, graphics, etc. so that they rank on Google and other search engines. This is another chance for you to capture your intended audience’s interest. They invite the reader, hopefully, making them stay awhile on your website.

  • Research says that people are 80% more likely to read content that includes a picture and 64 per cent more likely to remember it afterwards. Images are a big part of how we experience an internet page.
  • You are able to control exactly what they see.

Tips for Using Images to Improve Your SEO

  • This seems obvious, however, a picture with a low resolution seems fuzzy makes your site look unprofessional.
  • If you crop a picture be certain it is a logical crop.
  • Images are ought to assist in explaining your keywords or key phrase. It’s critical that a picture to be relevant to your content so it can improve your SEO. These behave as another chance to improve your SEO.
  • Never take the opportunity to fill the image description to stuff keywords into the text.
  • You choose what image you want to load to your content. All images should feature an image ALT text feature that assists in optimizing this important element in your SEO.
  • Document extensions matter, the negative of PNG is that it has been a bigger file size. Pick the file extension that is most suitable for each individual image that you upload.
  • Use an image optimization tool.