How To Grow Your Youtube Views With Video Seo?

youtube views

Growing your YouTube views is a hard thing to do with the amount of competition out there. Video content is a key part of any marketing strategy and YouTube is arguably the biggest video search engine out there. You can engage with millions of visitors and reach potential customers through YouTube because of how interactive the platform really is.

Video content is a lot more fun to watch and can even be more descriptive at times. Micro influencers can also be used in video content that instantly helps build a closer relationship with customers. Growing your brand and your reputation isn’t as easy as just making a YouTube channel and posting videos on a regular basis on. You do have to compete with many more for the attention. Video SEO can help you immensely in attracting traffic, increasing your watch time and increasing your subscribers. Let’s have a look at some strategies to boost organic traffic get your increase your search volume.

Make the most of keywords

Just like Google, YouTube uses keywords to rank their videos. What you wanna do is search for certain keywords relevant to your content and use as many of them in your videos as possible. It is very important to keep in mind that you should only use keywords that really are relevant to your videos. You can even check the YouTube search bar to get an initial idea. After you have completed your keyword research, incorporate these keywords into your video as much as possible. Use them in the YouTube video descriptions, in tags, in the video title and in the actual video as well. You can look at your existing videos to see where they rank on certain keywords using YouTube analytics. This will help you get to the top of the search results. Try to optimize your videos around keywords that already have very good video results.

Produce quality content

Producing quality content may sound like an obvious thing to do. But what is considered quality content on YouTube? What you want is to increase your watch time and your audience retention. The first 15 seconds of your video is what will keep viewers going or click on another video. Make sure those first 15 seconds are compelling and descriptive enough for viewers to want to keep watching. Increasing the video length will also help since people will spend more time watching the video. Watch time is one of YouTube’s biggest ranking factors so pay close attention to it. Make playlists as well so your viewers can instantly watch your next video and retain the people watching for a bit longer. You can use YouTube studio to look at the watch time and audience retention for your videos.

Engage users

User engagement is a big ranking factor can help you increase the view count on your videos greatly. User engagement refers to viewers actually engaging with your video i.e liking, commenting, disliking, sharing and subscribing. YouTube wants to keep viewers on the platform and rewards videos that engage viewers. Encourage viewers to like, comment and subscribe at the end of every video and add a bit of humour as well wherever you can which will enhance user experience.

Sending a strong message that can resonate with your audience will engage viewers a lot more. Consider using micro influencers as well because they can relate to the people watching on a much more personal level and get viewers to like, comment and subscribe as well. Replying to comments as quickly as you can is one of the best ways to engage viewers. This encourages people to comment more and will also increase the likeability of the channel in the viewer’s eyes.

Optimize your video

This is the most important part to actually increase organic traffic. CTR or click through rate is a big ranking factor used by YouTube. What this means is every time someone searches for a keyword, if your video pops up and is clicked on, you get a ranking boost. Optimizing the metadata of your videos will result in much more traffic Make sure your video title is descriptive but also includes the primary keyword. Write long and optimized descriptions filled with the right keywords. A rich description of the video along with specific keywords will help YouTube understand exactly what your video is about.

This means your video will pop up as a suggested video to people watching similar videos. Actually using the target keywords and similar keyword in your video is the most important factor in increasing your total views by a large number. Group related videos into playlists because users will want to watch more than a single video on the same subject matter. Create a custom video thumbnail that will really appeal to your target audience. Your video thumbnail can improve or reduce your CTR and has huge potential to attract traffic.

Channel authority

Channel authority basically means the authenticity and popularity of your YouTube channel within its community. There are close to 23 million YouTube channels. Make sure your target audience is aware of what makes you unique and where you stand out in relation to your competitors. Write a good description on your YouTube page along with a slogan. Make a unique logo as well. This is one of the easiest ways to increase its authority and provide a clear point of difference between you and others.

Compiling a rich playlist of your best YouTube videos is a good idea. You can make a channel trailer also to give YouTube users a sneak peek into the YouTube content that you’re gonna be producing. Use your own social media platforms as well to promote your channel. Encourage your YouTube viewers as well to share your channel. Link building is always a great way to generate more organic views.

Use optimization services

Using other tools or apps to help in SEO is incredibly beneficial. Using the services of an expert can lead to huge increase in organic traffic and increase in YouTube views. Click here to get your trial youtube channel analysis.