If you happen to scroll down through your Facebook feed or look for tips online, how seemingly are you to watch a video? Video is the most familiar medium to enhance online engagement and to improve search engine ranking. Videos also assure to raise ROI along with facilitating retention among viewers.

Apart from increasing web traffic, web pages featuring video content have also proved to raise conversion rates by 80%. If you are making a video for your brand, then it is the right time to incorporate them into your website and your own youtube channel. Let us now dive into more details.

Videos and search engine ranking

Brands can adopt numerous strategies in order to maximize traffic to their web page. There is no blueprint for web optimization, but there are methods that have proven to generate outcomes.

Search engines use algorithms to assign rankings for sites. An algorithm is a digital system that determines a website’s usefulness in response to certain standards. Google’s algorithm is said to have over 200 ranking factors. However, don’t let that intimidate you. While the algorithm constantly keeps evolving, we now have identified the most critical qualities this search engine giant is trying to find.

Practically, videos enhance your site’s organic visitors by 60% by influencing a number of ranking factors. You are now probably questioning how?

Appealing to the algorithm in four steps will enhance your website click on’s:

More time spent on your site

When clients click on to your website, they should spend more time on your website. So, you must ensure to create a web page that includes your content in all mediums. These mediums include text, videos and info-graphics which will clearly convey your brand message to your audience. 


Build back-links

Share your brand videos on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, twitter, etc. This is a good way to boost the number of inbound links to your website. Back-links trigger your site to be considered as an authority on the specific keyword involving your video. So, back-links are crucial for the algorithms.


Enchantment to cellular clients

If your content material is mobile responsive, this will also improve search engine rankings. Google makes use of cellular first indexing. This means that cell sociable web sites are the first priority when a cellular device is in use. Most of the online video content is seen on a mobile. So, ensure that your content is compatible.


Videos and creative content

Videos & creative content is the most enchanting, productive strategy. Video marketing is more likely to seize your customers attention than other forms of marketing strategies. 85% of viewers are likely to retain the message in a video than from textual content.

If you are implementing an e-mail marketing campaign, a video incorporated into your e-mail will boost traffic to your website by 96%. But, also ensure that your landing page is simply as mind blowing as your video.