There are billions of new video content being uploaded on the internet everyday. This could be very intimidating for some while very interesting for others. It is exciting because our culture lives in such a great era of information. Just imagine, 5 billion videos are watched over YouTube on each single day!!!!!! So, how can you make your video marketing strategy stand out among all those content?

It is not impossible to achieve. With some simple tricks, you’ll also be able to make an outstanding video marketing strategy and rank them on top in search engines like Google. So, let’s start going through these simple tricks one by one.

1. An emotional video is a successful one!

Videos that bring out emotions in their audience are the ones that take home every single prize. In the end, emotions underline every purchase decision and if you are using that in your video marketing strategy, then you are winning customers already.

How do you do it? It is simple. First ask yourself, how do you want your viewers to respond on watching your video content. If you want them to feel powerful, or hopeful, or happy, then make them feel the same with your video content.

2. Never forget your brand’s identity

It is very important that every piece of content you create is always aligned with your brand’s identity. This applies to your website, your social media platforms, and, of course, to your video marketing strategy. Your brand’s identity is what makes you recognizable to your customers and bears a drastic impact on how prospects would perceive you. To reflect this identity in your videos, you need to fully personalize them, from the colors you choose to every single element that appears in the video.

3. Define your target audience

When you communicate a certain message, you’re always communicating it to your target audience. If you want your message to be heard and understood, you need to know who you’re speaking to, and you analyse this by defining your target audience.

4. Keep your audience hooked

YouTube’s algorithm rewards audience retention. This means that if you retain your audience attention throughout your whole video or for at least most of it, then YouTube considers your video content to be useful and relevant. Better distribution of your content and an increase in audience reach will eventually convert your audience into leads!

How can you keep your audience hooked? It all starts at the beginning of the video: Make your video content clear and engaging through the use of powerful visuals and storytelling. Ask questions that your audience might have and instead of answering them immediately, do it gradually through your video marketing strategy.

5. Stir up the engagement

Another smart way of improving your ranking on Google, YouTube or other similar platforms is by creating a content that encourages customer engagement. Getting your audience to view, like and comment on your videos, is essential in the world of social media. You can boost your customer engagement by posing questions to your viewers. And always ensure to share relevant and useful content.

6. Provide solutions for your audience’s problems

This goes hand in hand with the above point: Engage your audience by sharing content that focuses on providing actual solutions for your audience’s problems. In order to do this, you need to understand what are the problems your audience are facing? What are their pain points? If you understand their problems, then you’ll be able to provide them with the right solution. Frame your brand to be the hero that will solve your customer’s problems.

7. Upload your videos on YouTube

You would have heard a lot about YouTube, but why is it so important to upload your videos on this platform? Well, for start-ups, it is the second largest search engine in the world, after Google. Three hundred videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. So, if your video is not featured on YouTube, it doesn’t exist. Uploading your video content on YouTube and optimizing it appropriately will help you rank higher on Google search engine.

8. Optimize your video marketing strategy for YouTube

This is the most important thing if you want your video to rank first on search engine and it really isn’t very difficult to get it right. You just need to know where to begin. YouTube actually offers many features that helps you rank your video higher on search engine results. Include long-tail keyword in the title of your video. Add a description that explains what your video is about and your website link above the fold. Also, include any additional information that can help sort out your content and be useful for your viewers.

Also, ensure to customize your video’s thumbnail. This is essential for attracting your viewer’s attention on the google results page.

9. Remember the power of educational videos

A great tip to gain your viewer’s attention is to create educational videos. The power of educational videos relies on the fact that, humans are visual learners. Just think about it for a minute: When you want to learn how to do a certain thing, where do you usually look for answers? Yes, it is YouTube! YouTube has a tutorial video for everything: from hanging a lamp to building a robot. Google knows this and that is why YouTube videos often end up being the highest ranked answers to certain questions. People like to watch entertaining and informative videos, instead of reading long articles about the same topics.

Also, your video content must be useful and entertaining. Dull content would get lost in the sea of video content. So, avoid the boring, “formal” tone and communicate with your audience as if they’re your friends, and not customers. Try to be funny, interactive and relaxed.

Any type of video, no matter how informative the content is, can be turned into something that’s entertaining and worth watching. Witty storytelling and animation can make your videos as fun as they can be.

Remember to use keywords in a smart way. Always include your brand’s identity and be aware of who your target audience are. Develop informative, engaging and interesting video content and don’t forget to make it fun and entertaining.

These tricks will help you boost your video marketing strategy all the way to success!!