Video marketing-amplifier for brand sales

video marketing

Marketing is an essential part of any business.

Marketing is all about creating awareness about your products or services among your target audience. With competition redefining a new standard each day, marketing is becoming crucial for a business, aspiring to out stand its competitors.

Video marketing is the new strategy adopted by many brands where videos speak about your brand to your audience on your behalf.

While traditional marketing reaches target audience easily and is easy to understand, it is also less engaging and more expensive. So, isn’t it high time to switch to a new strategy for reaching out to your target audience.

Why not try marketing your product / service through a short video!!!!!!

Most information transmitted to our brain is visual. If pictures can boost engagement, then imagine what wonders a video can do. This presents opportunities for a business to inspire, evoke emotions and appeal to the needs of the audience in a real and authentic way.

What is Video Marketing ?

Video Marketing is all about using videos to promote or market your brand, products or services. A strong marketing campaign incorporates videos into the mix. Customer testimonials, videos from live-events, how-to videos, explainer videos and the list goes on.

Why Video Marketing?

Videos increase customer engagement, conversion and sales. Landing pages featuring product videos are likely to increase conversions by 80%. Majority of users tend to buy a product after watching a video ad featuring it. Here’s what you need to be aware of the growth of video marketing and why your business needs it.

Videos shows great ROI

Although, video production is neither the easiest nor a cost effective task, but it pays off big time.

Video Marketing builds trust

Trust is the foundation for conversions and sales. Content marketing builds this trust and creates a long term relationship with your customers. Videos build trust among your customers, since video content is likely to engage your audience.

Video Marketing provides an insight into products

If you are launching a new product, give a thought on presenting a short demo video on your home page. This would prove to be more effective. The reason being that, users after watching a demo video tend to learn more about a product.

Videos engage even the laziest buyers

In todays busy life, people would prefer to see products in action rather than investing their spare time on reading long product descriptions. So, using a video ad in your content marketing captures  a wide range of audience attention including the laziest ones. Isn’t that interesting!!!

Videos encourage social shares

People nowadays are found most of the time engaged on social media like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM & LINKEDIN. Facebook and Instagram make sharing video clips effortless and lets audience share their experience too.

Sharing your video ads on these social media platforms would increase traffic to your site.

Videos achieve, what text can’t. Also, videos create an immediate & a real route of interaction and connectivity with your audience. Their reactions and comments are then obtained in real time.